Friday, April 26, 2013

Gradient Flowers

This was a picture that we had to make on adobe illustrator. First we started with a star and then we used the bloat tool to make the flowers. We had to use the gradient tool to make the flower multi-colored. As you can tell, my flower is purple, red, and pink. To get more pedals you layer two flowers on top of each other. Lastly you added a circle to the middle just like a regular flower. I thought this project was fun because we got to learn how to make really pretty flowers on the computer!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clay Rattles

We made clay rattles. To do this we had make a clay sculpture. We then had to add clays balls to make it rattle.


This was a project called zentangles. It was just designs that we had to draw in our sketch book and then we had to paint them on the walls of the courtyard.

Forced Perspective

During this project, we really had to find the perfect spot to do this. The person had to be in the right ratio and the photographer had to be at the right angle. I thought that is was really fun because we got to explore different things on our own and discover them as you took more pictures. For example, if the person was in front of the object then the photographer had to be lower then the person. If the person was behind then object then the photographer had to be higher than the object. I think that I learned a lot more about forced perspective than I thought I did.