Art 2 Final Portfolio

Art 2 Final Exam

1. Out of all the projects I did this semester, I think that my up close and personal was my most successful. I choose to draw pointe shoes because I am passionate about dance and I am up close with them everyday. Chalk pastels was the medium decided to do. It worked well with this project because I was able to blend and shade easily.  The size paper I used I feel made the pointe shoes even better because it was bigger than computer paper. It emphasized the up closeness about the drawing and made it unique.  When I was first choosing to do pointe shoes I had many different angle options in mind.  I went with this one because there was no background and the entire paper was covered with just my object.

2. I felt least successful in my first project which was an eye with a lightning bolt coming down the center. The theme of this project was scientific so I was showing something that the human eye sees. I think the reason I felt this way was because it was my first project and I wasn't really sure what I was doing. Pencil was the medium I used for this and I did not enjoy it at all. I may have been a little more successful if I chose to use either pen or charcoal, but again I was not experienced in any of these mediums.  The shape of my eye is a little off so that ruined it from the beginning. I was then confused on how to draw the eye lashes and so the could have been thicker at the bottom. Overall it was not only the least successful but it was also my least favorite.

3. I feel that I grew the most between my first two projects, the eye and then the pointe shoes. I learned how to apply the materials and mediums that I used better.  I shaded different shades in the second project where in the first one I just shaded it all one color.  I also learned how to add value better so that the drawing looked more realistic. I had a different vision in mind when picking my ideas for the pointe shoes. I then knew what would be successful and what wouldn't based off my eye with the lightning bolt. One last factor that was better was my creativity. Pointe shoes is something that not everyone would think to do. I was the only one who did it because I was the only dancer in the room and I am up close and personal with them everyday.

4. One mini lesson that I felt helped me in my learning for the final project was the watercolor painting of fruits and vegetables. I felt that I did get enough instruction on how to use watercolors but them and I did not go together. Doing this mini lesson helped me realize that I then wanted to use acrylics and and not watercolor. I was able to paint better with the acrylics where as with the watercolor, I felt my paint was going all over the place. My second mini project I did was a soda can. For this project I used chalk pastels which was the medium I used in my final. Again, I got more than enough instruction on how to use them and I feel I was successful in using them. My pointe shoes came out to be my favorite project. I would not have done them in the chalk if I hadn't done the soda can in chalk.

5. Out of all the mediums that I was able to work with this year, I think chalk pastels were my favorite. I was successful with using them every time and I was happy with how all my drawing turned out. I was very happy I chose to do the pointe shoes with the chalk pastels because it was my favorite idea and put together with my favorite medium made the chalk even more fun to use. The chalk pastels are easy to blend colors together and you can shade easily with them. Adding texture is another thing that can be done simply with them. I like to work with things that aren't very complicated to use because I am not the best at art. In the end after I had used other medium, I still liked chalk pastels the best.  I will definitely use them again in the future.

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