Friday, December 5, 2014


This project was where we destroyed something. Three of us worked together to paint a picture of toast. We then put it in toaster like real toast and cooked it. The paper caught on fire and burnt to ashes. It ended up smelling really bad and smoking.

artists collaborate!

This project was done by three of us. We choose to work together and make a story. We used other people in the class to add each new page. Each student was only allowed to see just the page before so the story has a lot of turns. This is collaboration because we worked together to come up with an idea but then the students helped us make story actually come together. I enjoyed this project because we got to work with others. I also liked it because it was a fun process to watch. In the end the only problem we had was that the story has no main plot since you could only see the one page before. This is what makes the story unique though!