Friday, December 5, 2014


This project was where we destroyed something. Three of us worked together to paint a picture of toast. We then put it in toaster like real toast and cooked it. The paper caught on fire and burnt to ashes. It ended up smelling really bad and smoking.

artists collaborate!

This project was done by three of us. We choose to work together and make a story. We used other people in the class to add each new page. Each student was only allowed to see just the page before so the story has a lot of turns. This is collaboration because we worked together to come up with an idea but then the students helped us make story actually come together. I enjoyed this project because we got to work with others. I also liked it because it was a fun process to watch. In the end the only problem we had was that the story has no main plot since you could only see the one page before. This is what makes the story unique though!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Artist Solve Problems

For this project I had to solve a problem. The problem I solved what was could I make out of wire and beads. 

Illustration Friday

This week our illustration Friday was to draw something smooth. I drew smooth rocks in a river, like skipping rocks. There is a bunch of them. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

artists limitation snapshot

For this project I chose my limitation to be wire. I decided to only use wire to make an object. Since it is fall I made a pumpkin with a stem. I bent all the wire and put it together. Along the sides I added beads to give it some color and on the stem I added green beads because stems are normally green. I used the people around me to come up with an idea and they also helped me figure out how to construct the final thing. So far I just have the pumpkin made and I now have to decide what I am going to do with it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Artists Steal

I think that copying is not okay. Taking someone else's artwork is basically claiming it as yours. 

For my final project I took a picture of myself and cut out my body on photoshop. I then chose to add a different background and effects. I had trouble with this project while choosing what kind of background and effects to add. I also didn't know how to position the picture on the background. In the end I am happy with my final outcome and I think that it looks really cool!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

artist observe!

For this project I chose to use photography. I took pictures of dancers feet in different positions. I used photoshop to them position the pictures on a poster. I was inspired to use dancers feet because dancing is a passion of mine. I enjoy creating art with it. During my project I had trouble aligning all the pictures together so that they were all in line and they had no gaps inbetween. Overall I enjoyed this project and I am happy with the outcome!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Artists Observe Mini Project

To accomplish this project I left my phone out at my dance studio. I wanted to see what would happen when someone else picked it up. One of the other girls took it and started taking pictures of her feet, so this is what I got out of it!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mixed Media

For this project I made a whirlpool with all the essentials of life inside! It was made to show fears of life. I liked my idea of having all the whirlpools together overlapping each other. I also like how I covered the entire thing with white tissue paper. I was not satisfied with the cut out pictures of the essentials. I feel that they don't blend very well. I was unsure about having the picture added and I wish I had tucked some of the corners into the whirlpool pictures. I feel it would have had a better effect. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sticky Situation

For this project I chose to paint lollipops where the different colors repeated is repitition. I used my own unique idea of Popsicle sticks for the sticks of the lollipops because I wanted to use something that was original and not something others would think to do. I was a little skeptical at the beginning about having the Popsicle sticks actually hang off the painting but in the end I really like how it looked! As I worked until the end I was asking people around me constantly for there feedback and in the end it helped me feel more accomplished with my work that I created!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up Close and Personal

For this project I chose to do pointe shoes which represents up close and personal. The medium I used to do this project was chalk pastels. During this project I was constantly asking others for their feedback. I wanted to see what they had to say about the picture and also what advice they had to give. Ms. Rossi helped me understand how to add the shadows and where to add the shadows. For some parts of the project, I had to add color or details where is didn't know how it would turn out. Some things I was scared to add but in the end it ended up looking better than I could ever imagine. I think this piece of artwork reflects me because I shows who I am. A dancer. I feel that I excelled with it because I enjoyed what I was drawing. It was an easy image for me to connect too!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Colored Pencils, Chalk and Oil Pastels

Here we used the method of oil pastels, chalk pastels, and colored pencils. I really enjoyed using the oil pastels because they are easier to blend together. The chalk pastels were also an easy method to blend colors together. With these you could use your finger to blend. One thing I did not like about the chalk pastels was that the chalk sticks were big so it was hard to add little detail. Lastly, we used colored pencils. I did not like using these because it blending was not as easy. The colors do not flow together as well as using the other methods. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The theme of this project was scientific. I decided to draw a human eye using a pencil to shade and highlight certain areas. Through the middle of the eye crossing over the pupil is a lightning bolt. In the sides of the eye or the white part are cracks if some kind of material. The eye lashes then show the beauty. With this project I think I was able to get the proportions correct with the different shapes. I feel that's I also accomplished drawing the correct shape. One thing I need to work on is my shading. I managed to shade better in my final than in my thumbnails but I still could do better with adding more lights and darks. I did like using the pencil because I felt it was easier to blend colors. I also liked it because you could either have a light or a dark color with using just different drawing pencils.