Art 1 Final Portfolio

1.) During this art class, I think that this was my most successful project. I learned a lot from it and it taught me many things. I learned how to do a different type of trees. I also learned to add more than one color to my background and foreground to make it look more realistic. This was a time consuming process.
This was also my favorite project of the year. It was something I enjoyed doing because I got to choose the picture I wanted to paint. It was also something that I could make my own because we did not have to copy an exact picture. You could combine multiple pictures from the internet into your painting.

2.) This project I learned and grew the most from. I had never done anything like this before and it was totally new to me. When I was younger I would play with stamps all the time but i never understood how long it took to make one by hand. This was also a time consuming process because it was all done in layers and you had to wait for the first one to dry before you could do another. To do this project you had to carve out the original image onto a piece of rubber. Then every time you wanted to add another color, more of the rubber had to be cut out and you had to roll some more paint onto the stamp. This was another one of my favorite projects. It was very fun and interesting to learn a skill like this.
3.) This was a project the was very familiar to me. I have done things with shadows before in other classes besides art. This was a shadow project so we just had to set up the objects in front of a projector. I used things like a fake flower, a gum container, and  roll of tape. We made the effect as if it were a table setting for Valentine's Day. The LOVE was made out of  piece of wire that I bent into the cursive form of the word love. I also think that this project was very easy because it was simple things that had to be put together and made into something. It was like a junk shadow.

4.) I feel that this project was the least important because it was just a little simple thing we did. It was very fun but it did not have muct skill behind it. All we had to do was shape our hand a certain way and draw it. We then had to pick out the color paint we were going to use and make sure the colors would look okay together. All that was left was to paint it onto my hand. This took a little time because I had to let the first layer dry before I could start the next one. I did think this was a fun project because once again we got to pick whatever animal we wanted to do. I just don't think it used many new skills that we had learned.

5.) This project was the one that reflects me the most. It was a stencil that we made to spray paint our face. It relates to me because it is a picture of me and it has my two favorite colors in it. This was one of the best projects because it was really fun to do. I feel that I learned a lot from this and I discovered some new things. I also feel that I can connect to this project because I could add all the things that I wanted into it. In the end I added a border that I liked and like I said before pink and purple are my favorite colors. I think this was the best project we did all year!

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